By Chris Ford


“What?” the little voice chimed

“The thing I miss most from the past is Chocolate.” said the old man, with absolute certainty.

“But we still have chocolate great uncle, I can go get you a pot.”

“That, that STUFF, is not what I would call chocolate. I mean REAL chocolate, made from cocoa.”

“What is cocoa?”

“Cocoa is the stuff you make chocolate from, it’s made from Cocoa beans”

“Beans, what are beans?”

“Beans are a type of seeds from a plant.”

“What are seeds and what is a plant?”

“Plants are, hmm, plants are a type of living thing that eat sunlight and can’t move.”

“That’s silly you can’t eat sunlight.”

“Well plants DO, they soak it up and live off of it.”

“Oh so they’re trees, you told me about them last month. You said that trees are sunlight turning into wood, and wood is a building material like steel… Why would you want to eat something like that?!”

“You don’t, there are lots of types of plant. They are very different to each other.”

“Hmm, so what are seeds?”

“Seeds are how plants reproduce.”

The little voice was shocked silent for a moment “so you used to eat their young.. that is pretty sick uncle.”

“No, no, it’s not like that.”

“But you said plants are living things, and seeds are their children”

“I didn’t say that. Look, plants are different from people, they can’t think, all they do is grow.. So people used to grow lots of them just so they could be eaten.”

“Eating plant children is pretty messed up Great Uncle.”

(image by Evan-Amos, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)