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Again by Jeff Stehman Part 1

I’m dead. Again. This place, wherever it is, gets harder to endure each time. My first death was all cathedral of light, presence of God, sense of peace. Then they yanked me back. Every death since then has led to nothingness, void…an emptiness spent waiting for the pull. Nothing to do but remember. How did […]

Wefting the Warp

Wefting the Warp by Mark Webb part 1

Shimmering threads hung in the air around Orlando, their colourful arrangement just short of coherence. He twisted and swayed, trained movements designed to align his body and mind with the wormhole generator and bring order to the disarray surrounding him. A sense of anticipation deep in his chest told him that a connection was about […]


MEDS by Aaron Gudmunson part 1

Excerpt from InviroTech Laboratory Report dated 16 Jan 2014. MEDS prototype completed and on-line. Freestanding power supply requested and granted by Department Subcommittee. Upper-level laboratory requested and granted by Board of Directors for controlled experiments. Initial testing to begin on mammal specimen. Positive hypothesis regarding safe departure and return of specimen. Supplementary funding requested and […]

Dig the Slowness

Dig the Slowness by Richard Zwicker part 1

Amy Waitz nervously pointed the gun at Todd Stanky’s heart, her finger twitching against the trigger. Stanky stared at her in mock fright, six feet away. His unruly hair and prematurely lined face made him look like a clown with an agenda. “Maybe you should say something melodramatic,” Stanky said. “Like ‘Todd, you’ve lied to […]


Robot and Raygun Issue 2 Out Now

Robot and Raygun features all kinds of science fiction, from post apocalyptic worlds to starships travelling through the voids of space and all that lies between.  It is our aim to help fire your imagination and to envision the many futures that lay before us. Each issue is made up of a selection of short […]